1H.B. 10 (Solomons) – Immigration:  would provide that, not later than 48 hours after a person is arrested and before the person is released on bond, the law enforcement agency that has custody of the person shall: (1) have the person’s immigration status verified by: (a) a law enforcement officer who is authorized under federal law to verify a person's immigration status; or (b) a federal law enforcement officer; and (2) notify United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement that the person is in the custody of the law enforcement agency if information received following a request under (1), above, reveals that the person is not a citizen or national of the United States and is unlawfully present in the United States.

1H.B. 11 (Solomons) – Immigration: would: (1) require a local law enforcement agency that has custody of a person who has been arrested and transported to a place of detention to verify the immigration status of the person by use of the federal Secure Communities program operated by United States Immigration and Customs Enforcement; and (2) provide that a local law enforcement agency is excepted from the requirement in (1), above, if a person is transferred to the custody of the agency by another law enforcement agency and the transferring agency, before transferring custody of the person, conducts an immigration status verification.

1H.B. 83 (Garza) – Workers’ Compensation: would provide that a public employee who alleges that a public employer has discriminated against him for, among other things, filing a workers’ compensation claim in good faith may sue the public employer for relief, and  sovereign or governmental immunity is waived and abolished to the extent of liability for the relief allowed under law.  (This bill would overturn the recent Supreme Court of Texas decision in Travis Central Appraisal District v. Diane Lee Norman.)

1H.J.R. 14 (Pickett) – Transportation Funding: would amend the Texas Constitution to provide that: (1) subject to legislative allocation, appropriation, and direction, three fourths of the net revenue from the motor fuel tax shall be used for the sole purpose of constructing and maintaining public highways, and one-fourth of the net revenue shall be allocated to school funding; and (2) for a biennium, the legislature may not appropriate funds derived from the revenue described (1), above, for a purpose other than acquiring rights-of-way or constructing or maintaining public roadways in an amount that exceeds the lesser of: (a) the total amount of those funds appropriated for a purpose other than acquiring rights-of-way or constructing or maintaining public roadways in the preceding biennium; or (b) the maximum amount that may be appropriated under (a), above, reduced by 20 percent from the preceding biennium if the estimate of anticipated revenue from all sources made in advance of the regular session for the biennium exceeds the total amount of revenue from all sources for the preceding biennium by more than three times the amount of the reduction.

1S.B. 38 (Ellis) – Sales Tax:  would provide that a taxpayer may deduct and withhold three-fourths of one percent of the amount of taxes due from the taxpayer on a timely return as reimbursement for the cost of collecting sales taxes, so long as the total amount deducted does not exceed certain specified limits per month, quarter, and year.

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