A special legislative session began on July 1; it can last a maximum of 30 days. The governor called lawmakers back to Austin for the following reasons:

  • To consider legislation that: (1) provides for extending the existence of several state agencies that were subject to sunset review by the 81st Legislature and that will be abolished without legislative action under the state's Sunset Act; and (2) changes the review schedule for certain state agencies (including, most notably, TxDOT) to balance the workload of the Sunset Advisory Commission.
  • To consider legislation relating to the issuance by the Texas Transportation Commission of general obligation bonds for highway improvement projects, and to the creation, administration, financing and use of a Texas Transportation Revolving Fund to provide financial assistance for transportation projects.
  • To consider legislation relating to the date on which the authority of the Texas Department of Transportation and a regional mobility authority to enter into a comprehensive development agreement expires.
  • It is possible that other items could be added to the “call” for consideration during the special session. TML staff will monitor the session closely for any city-related developments and will keep city officials informed.

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