Late last week, the House of Representatives passed H.R. 5972, the Transportation, Housing and Urban Development, and Related Agencies Appropriations Act for FY 2013 (known as the “T-HUD bill”).  Due to significant outreach from the National League of Cities and city officials, the T-HUD bill restores funding to Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) and Home Investment Partnership (HOME – a federal program that provides formula grants to cities to fund a wide range of activities relating to affordable housing) programs. 

Prior to the passage of the bill, amendments that would have stripped CDBG and HOME funding from the bill were offered. 

Eleven members of Texas’ congressional delegation voted for an amendment to totally eliminate critical CDBG funding for cities.  (The amendment failed.)  Texas cities get virtually no funding from the state; what little non-local funding they get comes from the federal government, and CDBG grants are a critical portion of that funding.   Please take the time to thank your members of congress who voted to support cities.

Voted to Eliminate CDBG (Bad for Texas Cities):

Burgess (TX 26 – Fort Worth)
Conaway (TX 11 – Llano)
Culberson (TX 7 – Houston)
Flores (TX 17 – Bryan-College Station)
Hensarling (TX 5 – Athens)
Johnson, S. (TX 3 – Richardson)
McCaul (TX 10 – Austin)
Neugebauer (TX 19 – Abilene)
Olson (TX 22 – Sugar Land)
Paul, Ron (TX 14 – Lake Jackson)
Sessions, P. (TX 32 – Dallas)

Voted in Support of CDBG (Good for Texas Cities):

Barton (TX 6 – Ennis)
Brady, K. (TX 8 – Orange)
Canseco (TX 23 – Fort Stockton)
Carter (TX 31 – Round Rock)
Cuellar (TX 28 – Seguin)
Doggett (TX 25 – Austin)
Farenthold (TX 27 – Corpus Christi)
Gonzalez (TX 20 – San Antonio)
Granger (TX 12 – Fort Worth)
Green, A. (TX 9 – Houston)
Green, G. (TX 29 – Houston)
Hall, R.  (TX 4 – Rockwall)
Hinojosa (TX 15 – Beeville)
Jackson Lee (TX 18 – Houston)
Marchant (TX 24 – Irving)
Poe (TX 2 – Kingwood)
Reyes (TX 16 – El Paso)
Smith, Lamar (TX 21 – San Antonio)
Thornberry (TX 13 – Amarillo)

Not Voting:
Gohmert (TX 1 – Tyler)
Johnson, E.  (TX 30 – Dallas)

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