The Office of the State Comptroller has established the Comptroller Leadership Circle award program to recognize the efforts of Texas cities that have strived for online fiscal transparency. The program gives out gold, silver, and bronze level awards to local governments based on a scoring system that gives points to cities that place specific financial documents on their city Web sites for public consumption. In order to receive the gold certificate, cities must make available on their city Web site their city budgets, financial reports, and check registers. Points are also awarded based upon the ease with which a user can access these documents.

As of June 2010, the comptroller had awarded gold certificates to 32 cities, silver certificates to 18 cities, and bronze certificates to 13 cities. Cities that are welcomed into the Leadership Circle receive a digital seal reflecting the level of the award that can be published on the city’s Web site.

For more information on the Comptroller Leadership Circle program, including access to the application, please visit the Comptroller’s Web site.

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