H.R. 413, the Public Safety Employer-Employee Cooperation Act of 2009, was passed in the United States House of Representatives as an amendment to the supplemental appropriations bill on July 1st.
This legislation mandates that all cities, counties, and states collectively bargain with public safety employee labor unions over wages, benefits, and working conditions under federal rules to be developed later. This legislation would either require Texas collective bargaining law to be changed to meet the federal bill, or require Texas cities to submit to one-size-fits-all federal rules.

Texas’ delegation split its votes along party lines for and against passage:

Against passage: Louis Gohmert (R); Ted Poe (R); Ralph Hall (R); Jeb Hensarling (R); Joe Barton (R); John Culberson (R); Kevin Brady (R); Michael McCaul (R); K. Michael Conaway (R); Kay Granger (R); William Thornberry (R); Ron Paul (R); Randy Neugebauer (R); Lamar Smith (R); Pete Olson (R); Kenny Marchant (R); Michael Burgess (R); John Carter (R); and Pete Sessions (R).

For passage: Al Green (D); Ruben Hinojosa (D); Silvestre Reyes (D); Thomas Edwards (D); Charles Gonzalez (D); Lloyd Doggett (D); Solomon Ortiz (D); Raymond Green (D); Eddie Johnson (D); Sheila Jackson-Lee (D); and Henry Cuellar (D).

Not voting: Ciro Rodriguez (D); Sam Johnson (R).

The vote occurred in the House without the benefit of any public deliberation about the merits of this unfunded mandate, the need for it, or its constitutionality.

Please contact your representative who voted against the bill to thank them for their vote. If your representative voted for the bill, you may wish to speak with them about the effect of the legislation on your city. For contact information for your representative, please CLICK HERE.

The U.S. Senate has not passed the supplemental appropriations bill but is now back in session following the Fourth of July Holiday. Senators Cornyn and Hutchison have already noted their opposition to federalized collective bargaining.

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