Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) commissioners recently adopted revisions to 30 Texas Administrative Code Chapter 60, known as the Compliance History Rule.  The revisions to the rule incorporate changes mandated as part of the TCEQ’s sunset review process last session, and the purpose of the rule is to allow TCEQ to use new standards for evaluating compliance history. 

TCEQ rates the compliance history of every owner or operator of a facility that is regulated under any of the state environmental laws.  The changes implement a procedure for the TCEQ executive director to evaluate the compliance history of each site and classify each site as: (1) a high performer, (2) a satisfactory performer, or (3) an unsatisfactory performer.  Complexity points are assigned, and the total points given to each site using the methods in the amended chapter are then used to classify the site.  

Registration is available for regulated entities to review their compliance histories online, prior to the information being made public on November 15, 2012.  Registration for this advanced review will end at midnight on August 31.  Once the information entered into the online form is validated by TCEQ staff, registered participants will receive additional instructions via e-mail on how to access their compliance history information when it is available in September.

The Compliance History Review Sign-up Application is available at  If you have registration or other questions related to the advanced review process, please contact TCEQ at or by phone 512-239-2724.

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