Legislation enacted in 2009 directs the Health and Human Services Commission (HHSC) to develop and adopt model standards for the operation of boarding home facilities. The model standards apply to homes that are not considered statutory assisted living facilities under the Texas Health and Safety Code. Cities may enforce the model standards if they so choose.

The model standards prepared by the HHSV address the following issues relating to boarding homes:

  • Construction and remodeling of boarding homes.
  • Sanitary and related conditions.
  • The reporting and investigation of injuries, incidents, and unusual accidents and the establishment of policies and procedures to ensure resident health and safety.
  • Assistance with self-administering medication.
  • Requirements for in-service education of the facilityÂ’s staff.
  • Criminal history record checks.
  • Assessment and periodic monitoring to ensure that a resident does not require personal care, nursing, or other services and is capable of self-administering medication.

The proposed model standards will be published in the August 27, 2010, edition of the Texas Register, which may be accessed here. (In addition, the final boarding house model standards have been posted on the HHSC Web site.)

Interested cities may wish to comment on the proposed model standards.

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