Throughout 2012, legislative policy committees will help TML prepare legislative positions. The League’s legislative policy development schedule will be roughly as follows:

January-February 2012 – the chairs, vice-chairs, and members of the League’s legislative policy committees will be appointed by the TML president.

May 2012 – the topic-specific committees will meet.  The 2012 topic-specific policy committees will be:  (1) Revenue and Finance; (2) Regulation of Development; (3) Utilities and Transportation; and (4) Personnel and Pension Reform.  Each of these committees will meet in May and make recommendations on its issues.  Any unresolved issues will be considered by the General Government Committee in August. 

June-July 2012 – any subcommittees appointed by the committees will meet, and any subcommittee reports will be considered by the General Government Committee in August.

August 2012 – in a new system designed to include all necessary debate while increasing efficiency in the policy process, the collective membership of the four topic-specific committees will automatically comprise the membership of the General Government (“catch-all”) Committee.  The General Government Committee will meet in August, discuss its own agenda, as well as to tackle  any unresolved issues or subcommittee reports from the four topic-specific committees, and prepare its report to the 2012 Resolutions Committee. 

November 2012 – the reports of the legislative policy committees will go forward to the 2012 TML Resolutions Committee for consideration. The recommendations of the Resolutions Committee will be considered by the TML membership on the final day of the 2012 Annual Conference at the annual business meeting.

December 2012 – the TML Board will finalize the League’s 2013 Legislative Program based on resolutions passed in both 2011 and 2012.

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