The Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) is developing a rural component to its recently adopted Statewide Long‑Range Transportation Plan and is asking city officials and others to help in developing this blueprint for how Texas addresses its future rural transportation needs.  According to TxDOT:

This rural component, known as the Texas Rural Transportation Plan (TRTP) will be the foundation for many rural planning efforts underway at TxDOT and will include the efforts of local, regional, and federal transportation partners. The plan will also include a needs assessment through 2035 for all modes of the state’s rural transportation system, including highways, rail, water ports, airports, pedestrian and bicycle facilities, pipelines and Intelligent Transportation Systems, and a prioritized list of rural added-capacity projects.

Because transportation is important to all Texans, we encourage comments, questions, and feedback about the plan. An outline of the process for developing the TRTP and other details are available at

 Additional information can be found on the TxDOT Web page: txdot.gov, search word “rural plan”. We encourage you to review this information and provide your feedback.

Public meetings on the plan will be held around the state in February 2012, and TxDOT anticipates submitting the TRTP for public hearing and adoption by the Texas Transportation Commission in Spring 2012.

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