Bill filing for the 2013 legislative session begins on Monday, November 12.
The 2011 session was characterized, first and foremost, by the volume of work. Lawmakers filed 6,303 bills and proposed Constitutional amendments. While that number represented a slight decrease from the 2009 figure, it is still substantially more than in years past.  According to the trend, it is likely that at least that many bills, if not more, will be filed in the upcoming session.

As always, the Legislative Update will feature summaries of city-related bills, starting with the next edition.  For the upcoming session, filed bills will be grouped according to areas of interest to allow city officials to go directly to their area(s) of interest. 

During interim hearings, several committees have heard testimony related to limiting municipal authority in areas from land use to utility rate cases and more.  (See “Interim Committees Update: Cities in the Crosshairs?” article elsewhere in this edition.)  In addition, legislators will review several important state agencies, including the Public Utility Commission, the Railroad Commission, and others.

Throw in elections that may lead to numerous “freshman” legislators, and cities will have their work cut out for them in 2013. 

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