The article above questions whether the governor will refrain from supporting state-mandated restrictions on the ability of local governments to solve their own problems.  Only time will tell how he treats city and other local government officials throughout the upcoming legislative session. 

But what about state legislators?  How do they view city and other local government officials?  It is clear that some state legislators believe that “local control” is just fine, so long as local leaders govern in a way that conforms to those legislators’ personal and/or political philosophies. 

Hundreds of bills are filed each legislative session that would erode local control.  Many of those bills are designed to directly supersede the decisions of local officials.  Those decisions range from how much revenue is needed to carry out citizens’ needs to which property should be zoned how, and everything in between.  

It is true that cities are “creatures of the state.”  With that distinction comes the fact that the state legislature can pass laws that limit just about every facet of municipal government.  How do some legislators view city and other local government officials?  Please click here to see a two-minute video showing how one committee chairman in the Texas House described the relationship at a November 16, 2010, interim meeting.

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