In the wake of outcry regarding street sign font and reflectivity requirements, among others, U.S. Secretary of Transportation Ray LaHood has called for additional public input on compliance dates for a number of federal traffic control regulations. 

Of particular interest to cities, the Federal Highway Administration (FHA) is seeking input from the public on changes to the Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD), including compliance dates. Comments are solicited from the general public, state and local highway agencies, the insurance industry, law enforcement agencies, incident management and maintenance personnel, academic institutions, planning, construction and engineering organizations, and other stakeholders.

“Given the difficult economic conditions states currently face, asking for additional input on compliance dates is the right thing to do,” said Secretary LaHood. “We want to be sure these safety requirements are reasonable, fair, and cost-effective.”

The public will have until January 14, 2011, to submit comments to the Federal Register. The notice is not a rulemaking action. It merely solicits comments on the issues to help FHA analyze the issues and consider what actions, if any, might be advisable in the future.

To review the Federal Register notice and to post comments, please go to  and enter the docket number “FHWA-2010-0159” in the box labeled “Enter Key Word or ID.”

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