Texas Cities Work:
Safe Communities, Essential Infrastructure, Vital Services

Cities, the government closest to the people, embody the idea that “We the People” should be in control. Cities provide the services that we cannot do without. Those services reflect the will of the local taxpayers and can’t be lumped in with cries of “less government.” Put simply: City services are the nuts and bolts of our society. 

Police and fire protection, the roads we drive on, local business development, the utilities we need to survive and prosper, the protection of property values through thoughtful rules that benefit everyone, and many, many more. It costs money to provide these services, but keeping taxes low while meeting citizens’ demand for services is a core value of city officials. That is why TEXAS CITIES WORK!

The TML Board of Directors met in December 2012 to establish the League’s legislative priorities for 2013-2014. These priorities were adopted after a lengthy process designed to solicit input from a wide range of cities from across the state. The result is a legislative program that came from the League’s membership and was ultimately approved by the League’s Board of Directors. The program focuses the League’s resources to accomplish the following goals:

  1. Ensure that local decisions are made locally by supporting reasonable enhancements to regulatory authority and by opposing attempts to cripple the ability of cities to:
    • Protect property values by imposing reasonable development standards;
    • Enact zoning ordinances; and
    • Respond to citizen demands for orderly and sustainable development.
  2. Protect and enhance essential infrastructure by opposing efforts to diminish municipal revenue and by supporting initiatives that will meet the needs of our cities for:
    • Streets, roads, and bridges;
    • Clean water;
    • Safe and effective wastewater treatment;
    • Stormwater management;
    • Sustainable solid waste collection and disposal; and
    • Public transit.
  3. Ensure funding for vital community services by vigorously opposing efforts to erode revenue needed to:
    • Keep cities safe from crime;
    • Respond to emergencies;
    • Enhance economic growth and job creation;
    • Provide recreational facilities and parks; and
    • Protect the natural environment.

(Note: The TML Legislative Program contains almost 200 positions on various city-related issues. The complete TML Legislative Program is available at www.tml.org on the “Legislative” page.)

TML member cities may use the material herein for any purpose. No other person or entity may reproduce, duplicate, or distribute any part of this document without the written authorization of the Texas Municipal League.

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