The League is pleased to offer live and online seminars regarding the 2013 legislative session.  Please go to www.tml.org and click on “Training” for more detailed information.

  • MARCH 22 ONLINE WEBINAR—Legislative Status Report: The Countdown Begins
  • This Webinar will tell you which bills need the most attention, the workload of the key committees with the largest number and most important city-related bills, and how an issue can still appear, even though no bill was filed.

  • APRIL 19 ONLINE WEBINAR—Legislative Status Report: The End Is Near…but Not Near Enough
  • With the work of House and Senate committees increasing, city-related bills are being heard every day. While the TML staff is working feverishly to monitor all the hearings, city officials can take an active role in the process. Learn what you can do to help.

  • MAY 17 ONLINE WEBINAR—Legislative Status Report: The Final Days from the Bunker
  • In the final weeks of the legislative session, last-minute tactics to keep bills alive are used. While deadlines have passed, that means little to those who still want to advance their issues. Find out what to expect in the final days—and why city officials can never assume a bill is dead.

  • JUNE 17 ONSITE WORKSHOP—Legislative Wrap-Up
  • DoubleTree Hotel • 6505 North IH-35 • Austin
    This one-day workshop will focus on the outcome of key, city-related bills from the recently concluded legislative session. You can learn about the impact this legislation will have on the day-to-day activities of cities and the dynamics behind some of the pertinent political decisions.
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