More Senate Interim Charges Released

Lt. Governor Dewhurst continues to release interim charges to committees of the Texas Senate to study prior to the 2015 legislative session. City-related charges relating to jurisprudence, open government, and transportation are reprinted below. TML will continue to monitor additional charges released by the Lt. Governor and the progress of each study. 

Jurisprudence Committee

Monitor the implementation of Senate Bill 393 and Senate Bill 1114 [which relates to juvenile justice reforms and is designed to reduce criminal citations in schools] and determine if any statutory changes are necessary to clarify the intent of this legislation.  In addition, determine those school districts that have implemented the graduated sanctions envisioned by Senate Bill 393 and decide if any additional statutory changes are necessary to ensure that school districts are complying with its intent.

Open Government Committee

Review  the  Texas  Public  Information  Act  to  ensure  that  access  to  public  records  and information by the public remains fully transparent, but that governmental entities have the authority to protect the privacy interests of citizens, including primary and higher education students, from improper public disclosure.

Transportation Committee

Evaluate  Comprehensive  Development  Agreements  (CDA) and Design/Build project delivery methods and make recommendations for their future role in reducing congestion and continuing the state’s economic growth.


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