Payday Lending Clearinghouse Updates

The League’s “Payday Lending Clearinghouse” webpage, available at, includes information related to the regulation of payday and auto title lenders.  It is updated from time-to-time to reflect recent developments. 

Interested city officials should note that the City of Dallas has once again prevailed in its lawsuit with the Consumer Service Alliance (the payday lender association) and a number of individual payday lending businesses. 

At the trial court level, the payday industry plaintiffs claimed – among other things – that the city is preempted by state law.  The trial court held that it had no jurisdiction to hear the case. 

The Dallas Court of Appeals concluded that the trial court was correct.  After a detailed analysis of legal procedure, the court essentially concluded that the plaintiffs haven’t been harmed in any way.  That results in no legal claim for a court to resolve. 

The opinion is available on the page under “Lawsuit Pleadings,” which is accessible at the bottom of the page or on the navigation menu to the left of the page.

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