Payday Lending Clearinghouse Updates

Last month, the League unveiled its “Payday Lending Clearinghouse” webpage.  The page, available at, includes the pleadings in each lawsuit that has been filed against cities regarding payday lending.  In addition, the page includes an example ordinance that consolidates the regulatory features of the similar city ordinances, as well as additional information.  It will be updated from time-to-time to reflect recent developments.  Interested city officials should know that, at the League’s Annual Conference and Exhibition on Thursday, October 10, a panel will discuss the ins-and-outs of this type of regulation:

Payday Lending:  Are Cities the Last Line of Defense?
City officials across the state have seen the proliferation of payday and auto title lender storefronts.  How can these lenders negatively affect your citizens?  What has the state done (or not done) to reign in predatory lending practices?  What happened during the 2013 regular legislative session that leaves cities as the last line of defense?  In this session, you’ll earn the answers to these questions, how some cities are taking matters into their own hands, and about the lawsuits filed by the industry.
Scott Houston, Deputy Executive Director and General Counsel, Texas Municipal League
Panel Members:
The Honorable Bill Spelman, Councilmember, City of Austin
Meghan Riley, Litigation Division Chief, City of Austin
Jerry Drake, Deputy City Attorney, City of Denton
Laura Gordon, Deputy City Attorney, City of El Paso

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