Proposed TxDOT Billboard Rules:  Billboard Height

Current Texas Department of Transportation (TxDOT) rules limit billboard height along state highways to a maximum of 42.5 feet.  TxDOT has proposed rules that would allow a maximum height of 65 feet.  The taller maximum would include signs within a city’s limits, unless the city’s ordinances prohibit signs or limit their height to some lesser maximum height. 

City officials who are concerned about the regulation of billboard height should review their sign ordinance to ensure that the maximum height in the ordinance is appropriate for their community.  (Once a sign is constructed under the city’s and/or state’s current rules, it is expensive and administratively difficult to have the sign’s height reduced or placement changed.) 

The proposed rules are available at:

Written comments can be sent to the Texas Transportation Commission until July 14, 2014.  Please contact Laura Mueller at the TML Legal Department at 512-213-7400 or with any questions regarding the proposed rules or sign regulation in general.  


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