TCEQ Proposed Rainwater Harvesting Rules

The Texas Commission on Environmental Quality has proposed rule amendments to implement the changes made by House Bill 2781, passed during the 83rd Legislature.  The proposed rule implements the provisions of H.B. 2781 relating to rainwater harvesting systems (RWHS) that have auxiliary water sources. 

If a RWHS uses a public water system (PWS) as an auxiliary water source, the proposed rule would allow connection of the PWS only to the water storage tank. The PWS, when used as an auxiliary water supply to a RWHS, may not be connected to the plumbing of a structure under the proposed rule. To ensure a physical separation between the RWHS and the auxiliary water supply, the proposed rule also requires a backflow prevention assembly or an air gap to be installed for a privately owned RWHS with a capacity of more than 500 gallons when it has an auxiliary water supply.

The comment period on these rule amendments closes on November 12, 2013.  Comments can be submitted online at  The public hearing on these proposed rules will be on November 5, 2013, at the TCEQ offices in Austin, TX. 


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