Telecommunicator Training

House Bill 1951, passed last session, requires that any telecommunicator (i.e., 9-1-1 dispatcher) hired by a city must be licensed by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement.  In addition, the bill requires that each city provide 20 hours of commission-approved training to telecommunicators every two years. 

The commission has issued draft rules regarding this training.  Prior to H.B. 1951, the commission provided certificates, but not licenses, to telecommunicators. The bill and proposed rules make clear that the commission will give licenses to telecommunicators and that they must receive continuing education.

To review the proposed rules, which will become effective in June, click here

Comments on the proposed rules may be submitted electronically to or in writing to Mr. Kim Vickers, Executive Director, Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, 6330 E. Highway 290, Suite 200, Austin, Texas 78723-1035.  While no specific comment period has been set, the rules are currently set to become effective in June 2014. 

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