The Cutting Room Floor

Hundreds of harmful initiatives that would have done serious damage to Texas cities were defeated through the efforts of the League and individual cities.  Among them were bills that would have:

  1. reduced the current cap on annual increases in residential appraisals from ten percent to some lesser amount, applied the cap to all real property; or capped city revenues.
  2. required duplicative reporting of various financial transactions of a city and limited the ability of cities to issue debt.
  3. eliminated or restricted the ability of cities to enforce tree preservation ordinances.
  4. severely hampered municipal annexation authority.
  5. required a city to pay money damages for a violation of the permit vesting law.
  6. pre-empted city ordinances related to bans on plastic bags and payday/auto title lenders.
  7. required cities to pay the relocation costs of billboards removed for state highway projects.
  8. preempted municipal regulation of oil and gas wells, pipelines, and related equipment.
  9. precluded municipal participation in gas and electric utility rate cases.

Some initiatives would have been beneficial to cities but, despite the efforts of the League and individual cities, didn’t make it through the process.  The most notable was legislation that would have allowed cities to save taxpayer dollars by publishing legal notices online in lieu of newspapers.

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