TML President Speaks to Legislature About Transportation

On Monday, June 23, League President Jungus Jordan testified to the Senate Transportation Committee on interim charges related to transportation congestion and mobility.  President Jordan focused on the need for cities to partner with state government to meet the needs of a growing population.  

Since 1950, Texas population growth has far exceeded the national average.  However, new Interstate highway construction hasn’t come close to keeping pace, according to Mr. Jordan.  He stressed to the committee’s chairman, former Jacksonville Mayor and now Senator Robert Nichols, that the League is committed to support new state strategies that would fund new transportation infrastructure development.

Mr. Jordan also explained that the League is supportive of Speaker Joe Straus’s initiative to end non-transportation related diversions from the state highway fund.  The League’s board is considering adopting a resolution in favor of diversion reform at its meeting on June 27 in Fort Worth.

To view Mr. Jordan’s testimony, click here and fast forward to two hours and 34 minutes. 


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