H.B. 719 (Morrison/Hegar) – Golf Carts:  requires the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles to issue license plates for golf carts that are operated: (1) on public highways in master planned communities; (2) on beaches; or (3) on city streets that have speed limits of 35 mph or less and have been opened to golf cart use by ordinance. (Effective Immediately.)

H.B. 1044 (Eiland/Williams) – Vehicles:  this bill (1) expands the list of vehicles that are prohibited from being operated on certain beaches; (2) allows a city-owned off-highway vehicle to be registered for use on a public beach or highway; (3) allows city and county vehicles to be driven on beaches if registered; (4) allows the operation of certain private vehicles on the beach if: (a) the person has a driver’s license; and (b) the beach is open to motor vehicle traffic; and (5) allows a city or county to prohibit the use of all-terrain vehicles on a beach.  (Effective September 1, 2013.)

H.B. 1917 (E. Rodriguez/Carona) – Advertising on Vehicles for Hire:  this bill: (1) allows a vehicle for hire or public transportation vehicle to advertise alcoholic beverages on the outside of the vehicle; and (2) allows a city to prohibit advertising of alcohol only on a vehicle for hire. (Effective Immediately.)

H.B. 2148 (Hilderbran/Williams) – Motor Fuel Sales Tax:  this bill, among other things; (1) imposes a state motor fuels tax on the sale of compressed natural gas or liquefied natural gas that is delivered into the fuel supply tank of a motor vehicle; (2) provides for certain exemptions, not including city vehicles, and refunds of the tax; and (3) provides that three-fourths of the tax shall be deposited to the credit of the state highway fund.  (Effective September 1, 2013.)

H.B. 2202 (Pickett/Williams) – Vehicle Registration Fees:  provides that certain amounts of the state’s motor vehicle registration fees be deposited in the state’s general revenue fund, certain amounts be deposited in the state highway fund, and certain amounts be used to fund the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles. (Effective September 1, 2013.)

S.B. 487 (Davis/Lavender) – All-Terrain Vehicles:  changes the definition of “all-terrain vehicle” in current law to include sit-in vehicles, frequently referred to as  a “mule.” (Effective September 1, 2013.)

S.B. 1110 (Nichols/Pickett) – Transportation Reinvestment Zones:  expands the uses for a transportation reinvestment zone by providing that: (1) the governing bodies of two or more local governments that have designated a zone may enter into an agreement to provide for the joint administration of two or more adjacent zones; and (2) the governing body of a county or city may designate a transportation reinvestment zone for a transportation project located outside the its boundaries if: (a) the project will benefit the property and residents located in the zone and the creation of the zone will serve a public purpose of that county or city; (b) a zone has been designated for the same project by one or more counties or cities in whose boundaries the project is located; and (c) an agreement provides for joint support of the designated zones.  (Effective September 1, 2013.)

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