The Texas Municipal League and Youth Programs

The formation of youth advisory commissions (YAC) in cities across the state is a priority of the TML Board of Directors. In 2003, then-TML President Jackie Levingston championed the issue, and today dozens of Texas cities have programs that involve youth. This initiative provides cities with energetic volunteers for civic projects, gives city leaders a fresh perspective on issues challenging our cities, and creates a sense of accomplishment for youth.

The 17th Annual Texas Youth Advisory Commission Summit will be held February 25 – 26, 2017, in Abilene.

What is a YAC?

Every city, regardless of its size or location, shares a common resource—arguably its greatest resource—its youth. Creating safe and enriching environments that our children can thrive in is really what it is all about. Moving beyond satisfying these core needs, your city can also tap in to youth perspective, creativity, and energy by creating a youth advisory commission (YAC).

Click here to read more about Youth Advisory Commissions in Texas and how to form one in your community.

Join the YouthNet Listserv

When you register for YouthNet, you are connecting to a community of city officials that are engaging their city’s most critical resource—youth. Join YouthNet today to collaborate on youth-focused city initiatives, projects, and issues.

YouthNet is intended to facilitate the direct exchange of information between member cities. More than an ordinary listserv, YouthNet is a web-based communication system that allows you to ask questions, respond to inquiries, post documents, and search archived discussion threads. YouthNet is a complimentary service open to all TML member city officials.

For questions or assistance in signing up, please contact TML staff at 512-231-7400 or

Group Guidelines
  1. YouthNet is open to TML member city officials only.
  2. Posts to this system are the opinions of the individuals making the post.
  3. Do not forward any information gathered from this system unless you have received permission from the author(s).
  4. Be careful of attachments that may contain viruses.
  5. Stay on topic. Replies to a question posted to the group should benefit the entire group and will be seen by the entire group. If you want the reply to be seen by only one person, email that person directly.
  6. Always summarize your question in the subject line. This information helps members find specific messages.
  7. Before acting on any information received from the group, a city official should consult with local legal counsel to ensure that the information received complies with current law and the particular facts of each situation.

Click here to read more about Youth Advisory Commissions in Texas. For more information about YACs or the YAC Summit, contact Gray Bulman (, 512-231-7406) or Rachael Pitts (, 512-231-7472).