Member Needs Bulletin Board

TML has set up this needs board to help cities impacted by the Hurricane Harvey disaster connect to support and resources. To respond to a request, please reach out directly to the contact person listed.

If your city has a request  to post or remove, contact Rachael Pitts at or 512-231-7472.


Needs Help

Check back for requests for help.


Offering Help

American Water

     Contact:  A.J. Olson, Fort Hood general manager, 254-213-0382

American Water is willing to provide necessary equipment and manpower to get municipal systems up and running.


Water with Blessings -- Water Filter Systems

     Contact: or 502-356-9281

Water with Blessings is working to distribute donated Sawyer PointONE water filter systems to survivors of Hurricane Harvey who are facing water insecurity issues.  


Townships of Tobyhanna and Tunkhannock, Pennsylvania

     Contact:  John Jablowski Jr., Tobyhanna Township Manager, 570-646-1212  or

Computer equipment and office essentials