Member Needs Bulletin Board

TML has set up this needs board to help cities impacted by the Hurricane Harvey disaster connect to support and resources. To respond to a request, please reach out directly to the contact person listed.

If your city has a request  to post or remove, contact Rachael Pitts at or 512-231-7472.


Needs Help

Check back for requests for help.


Offering Help

American Water

     Contact:  A.J. Olson, Fort Hood general manager, 254-213-0382

American Water is willing to provide necessary equipment and manpower to get municipal systems up and running.


Water with Blessings -- Water Filter Systems

     Contact: or 502-356-9281

Water with Blessings is working to distribute donated Sawyer PointONE water filter systems to survivors of Hurricane Harvey who are facing water insecurity issues.