Specifications and File Requirements



Design Requirements

TML will only accept advertising artwork that meets the following specifications.

Files can be accepted in the following applications:

  • High resolution PDF format, minimum 300dpi vector (preferred)
  • Photoshop (saved as a JPG with all layers flattened)
  • InDesign (convert type to outlines and save as EPS)
  • Illustrator (convert type to outlines and save and EPS)
  • Print Optimized PDF with all images and font embedded

Full page ads must include ¼ inch crop marks



Advertorial Requirements

Advertorial content must be consistent with the goals and objectives of TML and requires review and approval by the Texas Town & City editor.

400-500 words average per page, depending on number of photos. Photos must be 300 dpi or higher. May submit up to four photos for two-page spread, and eight photos for a four-page spread. Photo release form required. Depending on word length and layout, not all photos may be used.


File Transfer

Please upload all of your artwork to our FTP site: www.tml.org/tml-ttc-ad-upload


All measurements made in WIDTH x HEIGHT
Magazine: 9” x 10.875”


Design Template

coming soon