TML Revenue Manual for Texas Cities (2016)

TML is proud to announce the publication of an updated Revenue Manual for Texas Cities. In one convenient handbook, you can learn about nearly every known source of municipal revenue. The manual covers everything, from the biggest sources of city revenue— property and sales taxes —on down to the most mundane and arcane —open records charges, raffles, even cemetery taxes.

The handbook is organized alphabetically by revenue type and presented in an easy-to-understand, question-and-answer format, similar to the Legal Q&A column that’s so popular in Texas Town & City. For each type of revenue, the basics are covered first— such as how the revenue source is adopted, who collects it, on what it can be spent, and so forth. More advanced material is included as well, such as strategic considerations about how particular sources of revenue interact with other taxes and fees, and how to switch from one revenue stream to another. The handbook should be useful to councilmembers, management, finance officers and staff, and even city attorneys.

The Revenue Manual for Texas Cities is available for $20.

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