Resources for Cities: Post-Hurricane Harvey Disaster

This page contains links to information that city officials may need in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey, including answers to legal questions, resource links, and other support.

 If you are interested in helping those impacted, visit Ways to Help


Letter from Governor Abbott to Texas Mayors 

Governor Abbott shares information about funding sources available to local entities, small business owners, and eligible individuals impacted by Hurricane Harvey.


Reach out to Fellow City Officials

Connect on Social Media

Learn how cities impacted by Hurricane Harvey are responding, access disaster recovery resources, and connect with the people who can help you. Follow TML on social media – Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Instagram. 

SolutionsNet Listserv
SolutionsNet is a listserv for TML member officials and employees.  Use the listserv to reach out to city officials for sample policies or advice. 


TML Affiliate Associations

Building Damage Assessments
The Building Officials Association of Texas (BOAT) has always supported proactive disaster and hazard mitigation all across Texas, and the members of its Disaster Response Team are ready to respond to any size disaster to assist in building damage assessment as well as recovery support following the assessments. If your city needs assistance, please contact Lauren Grossman at 512-231-7450 or

City Managers Helping City Managers
For city managers who have been impacted by the hurricane, the Texas City Management Association (TCMA) would like to assist. 

City Attorneys Responding in an Emergency
The Texas City Attorneys Association offers a City Attorneys Responding in an Emergency (CARE) Unit to help local city attorneys respond to a catastrophic event by providing critical legal assistance to facilitate recovery.  The CARE unit has highly qualified volunteer attorneys, who are knowledgeable in municipal law and disaster issues, ready to assist local counsel in properly advising city officials on recovery efforts.  


TML Legal Department Updates

Emergency City Meetings
As Texas communities begin disaster recovery, city councils will need to meet to address citizen needs and pressing issues.  The Open Meetings Act provides an exception to the 72-hour agenda posting rule.  

Budget and Property Tax Rate Adoption
September is generally the height of the budget and property tax rate adoption season for Texas cities. Due to the hurricane’s impact, the primary focus of many Texas cities in the coming days will be on the well-being of citizens and recovering from the damage caused by the storm.  Texas law contains no specific disaster-related exceptions from the general process for adopting city budgets and tax rates. Assuming cities received their certified tax rolls on time from their county appraisal districts, the deadline for adoption of a property tax rate is September 29.  

What If Hurricane Harvey Damaged or Destroyed City Records?
A big part of getting things back to some sense of normalcy after Hurricane Harvey will include the restoration of utilities, fixing roads, opening courts, and other city services that are essential to citizens. To do that, city officials will need to access their records. Learn about the steps to take if your city records were damaged or destroyed.


TML Intergovernmental Risk Pool (TMLIRP)

Post-Catastrophic Event Resources
The Texas Municipal League Intergovernmental Risk Pool (TMLIRP) offers Hurricane Harvey post-catastrophic event resources for cities that are risk pool members, including claims contact information, a disaster assistance fact sheet, practical tips for recovery, and more. 



Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) 
The site covers current conditions, fuel waivers, waste management, and guidance on drinking water and wastewater treatment plants.  

Texas Department of Insurance’s Coastal Outreach and Assistance Services Team (COAST)
COAST provides information and educational programs to assist Texas Windstorm Insurance Association policyholders with the claims process. 

Texas Windstorm Insurance Association (TWIA)
TWIA provides windstorm and hail insurance to those on the Texas coast. 

Texas Hurricane Center
This page on the Texas governor’s website has links to state and federal resources, including information on shelters. 

Texas Department of Emergency Management’s State Operations Center (SOC) Situation Reports
The Texas Division of Emergency Management (TDEM) coordinates the state emergency management program, which is intended to ensure the state and its local governments respond to and recover from emergencies and disasters.  TDEM implements plans and programs to help prevent or lessen the impact of emergencies and disasters. 

Public Works Response Team
The Public Works Response Team (PWRT) supports local jurisdictions in their response to a catastrophic event by providing critical public works services as needed to facilitate recovery and is deployed by the State Operations Center (SOC). 

Texas General Land Office, Community Development and Revitalization 
This site provides links to information on state CDBG disaster recovery, FEMA, emergency shelters, and emergency preparedness. 



Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)
This page has links to resources, how to apply for federal assistance, and information about the federal flood insurance program. 

U.S. Department of Houston and Urban Development
This page includes links to resources including information about applying for disaster assistance.



Institute for Building Technology and Safety OnHand Website 
The OnHand website provides building technology advice before, during, and after a disaster.

LeadersLink:  Disaster Recovery Guidance for Mayors by Mayors
LeadersLink is a nonprofit that partners elected officials with mentors after a disaster.  The mentors are peers who have already led their communities through similar crises in the past.  The organization's website includes links to free disaster-related goods and services as well as a question and answer section that can be used for brainstorming with other city officials.  

Water with Blessings -- Water Filter Systems
Water with Blessings is working to distribute donated Sawyer PointONE water filter systems to survivors of Hurricane Harvey who are facing water insecurity issues.  Cities can apply for free filters at, or call us directly at 502-356-9281.