Small Cities

The TML Small Cities Advisory Council (SCAC) advises the TML Board of Directors and staff on ways the League'’s services to small cities can be expanded or modified, consistent with TML'’s resources and the needs of the organization as a whole. Since the SCAC'’s formation in 1990, the council has influenced the development of several TML programs and services, including: the TML Small Cities’ Problem-Solving Clinics, a training video for newly elected officials, the Small Cities’ Corner feature in the Texas Town & City magazine, a workshop tuition scholarship program for small cities, and small cities sessions offered at the TML Elected Officials'’ Conference and the TML Annual Conference and Exhibition.

The SCAC, which meets three times a year, is a dedicated and diverse group of appointed and elected officials from all corners of the state who represent Texas cities with populations of less than 15,000. For more information about the SCAC and other small city resources, visit the following links.