TML Statement on the Governor’s Call for a Special Session

Texas Municipal League
Tuesday, June 6, 2017


Statement of Texas Municipal League Executive Director Bennett Sandlin on the Governor’s Call for a Special Session

 “The list of proposed topics for a special session represents an all-out assault on the ability of Texas voters to decide what’s best for their communities and their neighborhoods.

 “From proposed revenue caps, to spending caps, to tree ordinances, to texting while driving, and more, no one has ever proposed such sweeping restrictions on local voters having a voice in shaping the character of their communities.

 “Seventy-four percent of Texans live in our 1,215 towns and cities and the decisions they have made at the local level have put Texas cities at the top of the nation in success.  Stifling their voices through an all-powerful, overreaching state government is a recipe for disaster.”