Statement of Bennett Sandlin on the Senate Finance Committee's Approval of Senate Bill 2

Texas Municipal League
March 15, 2017

Statement of Bennett Sandlin, Executive Director, Texas Municipal League
on the Senate Finance Committee’s approval of Senate Bill 2:

“Ignoring the impassioned pleas of scores of police officers, sheriffs, fire fighters, and emergency medical technicians from their districts, members of a Senate committee approved a bill that will put public safety at risk while providing no real property tax relief for Texans."

 “After more than 10 hours of testimony from city officials, several facts were made clear to Senators:  City taxes are not the cause of high property taxes, budget restrictions on cities will endanger public safety, and the only way to provide real tax relief is for the state to adequately fund its share of public education to reduce school property taxes.

 “Texans need to tell their Senators to support local law enforcement and not impose additional budget restrictions on Texas cities.”

Contact:  Bennett Sandlin, 512-694-4532,