TML Response on Partisan Politics

Texas Municipal League
Monday, August 7, 2017


The following is a statement from Texas Municipal League President Mary Dennis, Mayor of the City of Live Oak, in response to comments about cities made by Texas Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick in a recent televised interview.

Statement by TML President Mary Dennis:

“It is alarming to see the Lt. Governor attempting to bring the bitterly divisive partisan politics of Washington and Austin into the business of managing the city services that our citizens depend upon in their daily lives.  We have non-partisan municipal elections in Texas because there is no Democratic way or Republican way of fixing potholes, fighting fires, or picking up trash.  That’s the way it has been in Texas – at least up until now. 

“Many people are just plain sick and tired of the ugly, unproductive partisanship that results in nothing but government gridlock.  Bringing that battle down to the level of cities will not make the lives of Texans better.  City government should serve the interests of all our citizens, not the interests of politicians nor political parties.”