The 2017 Texas Municipal League Institute (TMLI)

A voluntary certification program open to elected officials from Texas Municipal League member cities

About the Texas Municipal League Institute (TMLI)

Service as an elected city official is a rewarding and challenging job——one that will give you tremendous satisfaction knowing that you're helping make your city, and this great state, strong and vibrant. The Texas Association of Mayors, Councilmembers and Commissioners (TAMCC) and the Texas Municipal League (TML) encourage elected officials to learn about their governance roles and city government through a variety of educational opportunities. These opportunities provide elected officials a chance to enhance their policy-making and leadership skills.

TML and TAMCC sponsor the Texas Municipal League Institute (TMLI) to recognize and reward elected officials who commit to continuing their professional development. This recognition, for completing a certain number of continuing education units (CEUs) within a calendar year, begins with a certificate of recognition and increases to certified municipal official.

Continuing Education Units (CEUs)

CEUs can be earned in a number of ways during any calendar year (January 1-December 31). One CEU is awarded for each 50 minutes of training. Please note that there are limits to the number of CEUs that can be earned individual categories of training.

CEUs can be earned by attending any TML-sponsored event (an educational program or activity in which TML plays a primary role, including program development, onsite logistics, and/or staff participation). Examples of TML-sponsored events are:

  • TML Annual Conference and Exhibition
  • TML-TAMCC Elected Officials' Conference
  • TML-TAMCC Newly Elected City Officials' Orientation
  • TML Small Cities' Problem-Solving Clinics
  • TML workshops
  • TML regional meetings
  • TML committee service
  • TML board service
  • TML affiliate events
  • TML or TML affiliate recorded training (up to 14 CEUs per year for recorded sessions)
  • TML webinars

Official TMLI CEU forms will be provided at all TML-sponsored events.

In addition to receiving CEUs for TML events, you can earn CEUs for training offered by other organizations, with no more than 19 CEUs accepted from outside organizations. Examples of these events are:

  • Training offered by city-related organizations (councils of governments, National League of Cities events, etc.)
  • Online training by outside organizations
  • College courses

If you wish to receive CEUs for an event sponsored by another organization, you must provide a copy of the program and proof of your attendance.

Note: To be considered for TMLI credit, the training you receive must be educational in nature, pertain to municipal leadership, and should enhance your service as an elected official. City council meetings, council briefings, council workshops, and community service are not considered training events for the purpose of earning CEUs.

Award Levels

Levels of recognition include:

Certified Municipal Official – An elected official who completes 72 or more CEUs in one calendar year will obtain the designation of certified municipal official. The 72 CEUs must include two hours of open government training taken in the current award year (one hour of training on the Open Meetings Act and one hour of training on the Public Information Act). This training is required by the State of Texas, and proof of training must be provided in the manner of a certificate or other documentation.

Certificate of Outstanding Accomplishment – An elected official who completes 72 or more CEUs in one calendar year will obtain a certificate of outstanding accomplishment.

Certificate of Achievement – An elected official who completes 54 or more CEUs in one calendar year will obtain a certificate of achievement.

Certificate of Recognition – An elected official who completes 42 or more CEUs in one calendar year will obtain a certificate of recognition.

Those receiving recognition on a recurring annual basis are eligible for the following award levels:

Award of Excellence – An elected official who receives recognition in one of the above categories for five consecutive years will receive an award of excellence.

Award of Leadership –– A city that has had an elected city official receive a TMLI certificate for five consecutive years will receive an award of leadership.


Each recipient will receive recognition in the following ways:

  • Your name will be engraved on a plaque displayed in the TML office in Austin.
  • Your name will be listed in the final programs for the TML-TAMCC Elected Officials' Conference.
  • Your name will be included in a list of TMLI recipients in an issue of the TML magazine, Texas Town & City.

In addition, certified municipal officials will receive a lapel pin and will have the designation of CMO included with their names on materials distributed by TML throughout the year following their completion of the 72 required CEUs.

Recipients will be given a press release to annouce their accomplishment.

Updated List of TML Educational Programs

To see a current list of TMLI educational programs, click on Calendar, or call TML at 512-231-7400.

CEU Statements Online

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